Taking vintage comic books and reinterpreting them into large-scale works of art.

Yes, he cuts up vintage comic books into tiny pieces. Sacrilege? Travesty? Horrible? Quite possibly, but each work of art allows the comics to reach their fullest potential.  Joseph’s art sets heroes free and exaggerates them. With their large size, the viewer is forced to be overwhelmed by the story. Every Hero Collage takes what is meant to be viewed as linear, and explodes it on a flat surface to be enjoyed all at once. Each consists of only certain comics within the book title, and to complete the art, Joseph places a portion of the mastheads on the back of the canvases. There is an intentional choice to exploit certain storylines. No other random comic titles are included as filler. Each comic book resigns itself to sacrifice through selection.  Each is a puzzle without directions.

Joseph’s work was recently seen at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan during the 22nd annual Japan International Art Exchange Exhibition in July of 2023. In addition, Joseph has been in exhibitions from Florida to Michigan and New York, to California, and has many works of art in private collections across the United States.

At 6’4”, it’s little wonder Joseph likes thinking big. He’s an art director, illustrator, fine artist, thespian, author, business owner, radio DJ, father & husband. Joseph is also known as an internationally recognized fine artist and creative director.

By day, Joseph is currently the owner and creative director of Brandtatorship. A boutique advertising agency located in the historic High Falls district of beautiful downtown Rochester, New York specializing in forging ideas that help companies take charge of their brand.  Joseph is responsible for shaping brands as diverse as Textron, General Motors, and Scouts BSA.

With a stylus pen, sharp blade, or pencil in hand, Joseph’s expertise shines across a diverse field of disciplines including fine art, art direction, digital, broadcast production, illustration, and social media. Know this about Joseph. If he likes you, he’ll draw a caricature of you. If he really likes you, he’ll make it resemble you and not the cartoon blue jay Mordecai.

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