Cruising Off the Grid

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Social MediaSo next week I am getting forced of the grid.

No, more like violently pushed.

I’m kicking.

May resort to childish screaming.

I’m squeamishly uncomfortable.

Like a true addict I already have the shakes and it’s still days away. Just the mere thought of not checking email, no texting or posting photos, no social media, videos or not pinning inspiration whenever I want gives me the shakes.

Soon I leave the country. As in, NEED PASSPORTS. My phone will be forever roaming, if working at all, and Wi-Fi scarce. But that’s what going on vacation is supposed to do right? Force us to simplify? Relax? Slow us down? Bring down the blood pressure? I know I’m too dependent on my digital means but like a true addict I find ways to justify the habit. Ultimately I know this is a blessing in disguise. I need to scale back. I only hope I will survive the frustrations, breakout rashes and migraine headaches that will soon ensue. There is no 12-step program for me to try. No magic gum to chew.

Just the reality that I’m walking the plank off the grid whether I like it or not.

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