Winner of three District 2 American Advertising Awards and four Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) American Advertising Awards (ADDY).

District Gold: Elements of Advertising, Photography
District Silver: Public Service, Annual Report
District Silver: Public Service, Poster Series

Best in Photography: Photography, Campaign
Gold: Public Service, Annual Report
Gold: Elements of Advertising, Photography
Silver: Public Service, Poster Series


The Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America, 2015 CAMPAIGN

We all have a legacy. It could be musical, athletic, artisan, adventurous, or academic. It could be steeped in bold leadership, humble volunteerism, or confident independence. Regardless, each legacy is unique. From parent to child. Family to family. Generation to generation. We can trace the path of curiosity, ability, accomplishment, and spirit that delineates our legacy’s path. The values that legacy teaches. And the mark that those values make on our lives.

These values are found within every Troop, Pack, Venture Crew and Explorer Post throughout the Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Handed down, carefully taught, celebrated, and lived-by. They are the path of our rich Scouting legacy and the foundation for the Scout Law.

The 2014 annual report and poster series featured the stories of five Scout families and how their legacy is making a very real difference in our larger community.

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