Time for Liftoff

My book draw the plane is about to go live. And what the hell does that mean? For those individuals unaware on how Kickstarter works. Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform focused on [...]

The Security Blanket

“You’re not going to cut my blanket! It’ll bleed!!” -Linus van Pelt I get it Linus. Cutting up your sense of security seems crazy. It’s like a part of you is dying [...]

At the Seasons End

Congratulations are in order. Pop the Cokes, shake the Gatorade, toss sunflower seeds in the air. Our Cardinals’s secured first place in the National league last night, and the overall top [...]

Jenny Craig? Hack.

Weight Watchers? Ponzi scheme. Crossfit? Waste of time. 21-Day Fix? Forget it. Want to lose weight? Coach little league baseball. More specifically coach WAA Cardinals little league baseball. [...]

18 Years, and Counting

12-28-14 Today I celebrate 18 years of marriage with my wife Julie. 18 years of memories: In 1996, we made a promise In 1997, we were blessed with the best gift we never knew we wanted. Joseph [...]


Mountain Dew. My cold coffee. My soda drink of choice. It’s a part of my identity with my family and friends. A running punch-line. An ice breaker of awkward silence. I can keep silent no [...]

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