Lake Beverage

For decades, Lake Beverage has had a logo that catered to the beer giant, Anheuser Busch, and (by the client’s admission) smacked of Laverne & Shirley. Over time the landscape of the beverage industry has evolved. While there is still a call for “big beer,” there’s now a significant call for craft beer—regional and local—as well as wines, spirits, sodas and teas. Lake Beverage realized that their brand was no longer representative of who they are as a company or the diversity of the products they carry.

We started with a brand workshop to identify exactly who Lake Beverage is and what they believe in. From that workshop we generated a brand position and Manifesto—their company’s rallying cry—followed by a new logo that represents their position as a distributor that doesn’t simply bow to AB (although, if you look – the King of Beers still has its crown in place). To close the loop, we developed full brand guidelines, including how their brand is carried on everything from biz cards and letterhead to shirts, hats and pint glasses to their trucks and building signage.

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