Acoustically Perfect.

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The house is empty.

All the windows are bare.

Tools are everywhere.

There is nothing to deaden the sound.

Which causes a really cool thing to happen. When standing in the center of my kitchen the sound’s in the sweetspot. That area where voices resonate like you’re singing into a microphone at an acoustically perfect theater. Really, the entire first floor is like this, but the center of the kitchen is particularly good.


So when I crank the music and am signing along it gets loud. Okay I get loud. I realized this today when the band Alter Bridge came up on the shuffled ipod. I stood in the sweetspot and sang. I took 4 minutes out of my mudding and scrapping to just be in the moment. Now if you are familiar with the song Open Your Eyes. you know it’s pretty cool. If not, well at 2:20 seconds in, the lead singer signs really theatrical, it builds and takes an unexpected turn… and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a part I love to sing along to in the car. Oh, but now I have the sweetspot. This is good times, potato salad.

So I am alone in the house singing in the kitchen. Belting away. After the song is done it occurs to me that with no blinds on the windows the new neighbors can see right in. And since I was loud the chances of them getting to hear and see my American Idol moment was pretty good. I should probably mention that i have yet to meet any of them. Just perfect.

Yeah, welcome to the neighborhood.

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