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“When other friendships have been forget. Ours will still be it.” Nice words written by the mind of Cole Porter. Words that now, at the close of his show “Anything Goes”, ring true to me more now than ever before.

I have come to realize many things over the last year. One of which is the value of friendship. People talk, chat, read each other’s blogs, IM, e-mail, and yet in this age of technological explosion it is very easy to shut out the ones we know. Retreat to the inner labyrinth of our daily lives. But rarely do we consider the negative effect our actions have on others, or the positive effect that a simple act of kindness can strengthen a bond between two people. For this I am more aware.

I know that certain lives bless our own for reasons unbeknowst to us. Some people we consider friends only are meant to be in our lives for a few short moments. Sent by God to enter our lives fleetingly. To serve a purpose and to fill a hole in our soul that it needs. Whether it’s negitave or positive. When the purpose is fulfilled that individual falls back into the fabric of the Earth. Too many years I have tried to fight this concept. Now, I have come to terms with not trying to prolongue a friendship that has run it’s course of destiny.  Too much energy becomes invested into trying to make something happen that will never materialize. Kinda like the sitcom “Joey” and NBC’s desire for public affirmation for it to be a success. Some things just will not happen. And now I realize that’s okay.  On the flip side some people are meant to be life long friends, and both parties will work through the obstacles to stay connected. I call these friends “Soul Mate” friends. And when they materialize, maintaining that friendship is not only needed… it’s necessary.

Friends grow apart by distances of geography, different viewpoints, or life stages. Sometimes they pass on to a higher place. In any case, we should treasure the moments we have with friends. A cliche I know, but we never know when that hole in our soul will be filled, and when it’s time for our friends to move on.

Whether we want them to or not.

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