The Teddy Roosevelt

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I went to Lowe’s today with the kids, (only 7 days away from being the Mayor, should have that wrapped up by the next weekend.) and we needed to get a five gallon bucket of sealer/primer paint for the newly sanded walls for the house. Exciting stuff I know.

While the bucket was in “The Shaker” The woman behind the counter placed the large wooden stir stick on the counter. I picked up the stick, turned to Joey and said… “Wow, this is the Teddy Roosevelt.” Joey looked at me like he usually does… which his “Really Dad? Really?” look.

I asked him, “do you get the reference of the Teddy Roosevelt?” He responded… “Oh yeah, I get it Dad… Roosevelt… The Big Stick… That’s what she said.”

Um… wait. Did he really throw down a “that’s what she said” in the Lowes paint department? Nice… real nice Joey. The Teddy Roosevelt just met The Bill Cosby.

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