2013 Vine in Review

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photoMy kids say I’m addicted to the social media app Vine.  Really I don’t think so.

Vine is the social media app for smart phones that enables users to create and post short video clips. It’s owned by Twitter, and Vine represents the video version of Twitter’s economy of words. Vine forces the user to be selective with shots.  With only six seconds of video available per post, every frame counts.

Since I’ve used app since it was available in early 2013, I decided to compile all my videos into one. Not quite the economy of shots Vine was going for but I thought it would be cool way to reflect on the year.

Six seconds videos, strung one after another after another after another after another… representing a years worth of memories.  There’s work life, family, friends and Max eating the occasional biscuit or two. It’s 365 days crunched into one 22 minute video.

That’s 192 six second videos. Okay maybe I am addicted.

The video can be found by clicking here. 

Happy New Year.


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