A Series of Riddles.

 In My Marsupial

While shopping at the mall Joey poses this question: “Dad, I am going to tell you a series of riddles, you tell me your answer. Ready?”


First question: “There’s a plane carrying 500 bricks. A man on the plane tosses one brick out the window. How many bricks are left on the plane?” Since I’m not a math guy and thinking it’s a trick question, I tentatively respond with “499”. Joey says correct. Score one for me.

Next question: “If you only have 3 steps to put an elephant in a refrigerator what would those steps be?” “Well basic physics aside, I would think it’s 1. Open the door, 2. Place the elephant inside, and 3. Close the door.” Joey says correct. Score two for me.

Next question: “Now explain in four steps how you’d place a deer in the same refrigerator the elephant is in?” Now on to the absurdity of the questions I respond with “1. Open the door, 2. Ask the elephant to slide over (remember physics don’t apply here in the riddle world), 3. Place the deer inside 4. Close the door.” Joey says “Incorrect, you need to ask the elephant to leave the fridge first” (I did not realize there wasn’t room for both of them inside the magical fridge of holding.) Score Dad 2, Joey 1.

Next question: “The lion is having a party with all the animals except for one, which one is missing and why?” Thinking this is a gimmie a respond, “The deer. He’s on the menu since he’s inside the fridge.” “Yes, the deer, but no he’s not to be eaten, he’s stuck inside the fridge.” I’ll take that as half credit. Dad 2.5, Joey 1.5.

Next question: “A woman needs to cross a river that’s home to a killer crocodile. How does she get across without getting eaten?” Thinking it’s a trick question I respond with. “She uses the bridge.” “Incorrect. The crocodile’s at the party with the lion.” Dammit. should have seen that coming. Dad 2.5, Joey 2.5.

Final question: “The woman still dies while trying to cross the river. How does she die?”

“She drown’s?”

“Nope”, he says… “She gets hit by the brick.”

Dammit, I knew this as a trick question. Final score: Dad 2.5, Joey 3.5.

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  • andybarwick

    I love riddles. I’ll have to share this one with Reese. Love ya Joe! Best to you and the family. – Andy

    • mayernik

      So how did the kids like the riddle?

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