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I like to think I am attentive to the details in life. I try to listen and observe as best I can. It doesn’t always work out, but I try.

Today I sat outside on the patio of the The Burger Shack Grill in Victor NY and enjoyed the beautiful weather, the people watching and I was blessed to see two very interesting things on the topic of details:

One: The chef behind the counter at the Burger Shack Grill loves his job. I watched him craft my mushroom swiss burger from start to finish. I like watching someone do something they love. The passion comes through, and it’s hard not to be captivated. It ended with the chef placing the burger patty complete with melted mushooms and Swiss cheese perfectly on the bun. It was slow, and deliberate. He savored the moment. It was as if he was a curator placing a fragile porcilian sculpture on its much deserved perch inside the Memorial Art Gallery. After it was resting on the bun he stepped back and said to his sous chef, “Now that’s a fine looking burger. See that? That’s perfection.”

It was a good burger. I almost felt bad that I had to add some ketchup to it.

Two: While on the patio I had the fortunate angle for some prime people watching. Two guys from the Town of Victor were busy placing flower pots on all the streetlamps. One by one they’d take two pots from the back of their red truck, and place them in the holders. One guy would step back, then tweak it to make sure it’s level, then he’d touch it again. Step back. Then re-adjust. It was nice to see that he took the time needed to make sure they looked as best they could. He very easily could have ploped them in quickly to move on to the next lamp post. It’s his attention to the details and good work ethic that allows the best to shine through for a job well done.

I wish we all had that much attention to detail in our jobs as these two guys I saw today. If so, I am confident this world would be way different.

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