Dogs (A Poem By My Son)

 In My Marsupial

While cleaning my home office last week I came across a poem written by my son Joey. This was a school project that he did a couple years ago and while it’s about dogs it really translates to any household pet.
He has no idea I found it, held on to it for these last couple years and now decided to share with the world. I guess he’ll realize it someday as he reads through these posts. Maybe he’ll be mortified. Maybe he’ll smile. Who knows? It’s a sweet poem and if you’ve ever seen him interact with our dog Maxwell you’d know it’s spot on.


Dogs are blankets that warm you on a cold day,
They make you feel like you’re never alone,
A dog will follow you with no delay,
And even to the world of the unknown

Dogs want to play and have some fun,
And understand when you are busy,
They wait for you, and when your work is done,
They play with you until you feel dizzy.

Even though our lives may be in distress,
They will always be there to comfort you,
And get rid of all the burdening stress,
So you will not feel nearly as blue.

So all that time,
That you and your dog spend,
Should reinforce that dogs,
Are man’s best friend.

-Joseph Paul Mayernik

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  • debbie radicchi

    I shared your son’s poem on my facebook page.
    I do pet portraits in pencil and thought this poem complimented a recent portrait. Hope that’s ok. The poem is beautifully written. I’m sure you’re very proud. Best regards, Debbie

    • mayernik

      Not a problem Debbie. Thanks for the transparency, the link back and the shout out. Much appreciated. It’s a beautiful illustration.

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