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I love good music, and have realized that I should give no more of my precious time to be in the company of bad music. There’s only so many hours of listening time in the day. Good music helps to make my day go by with joy, energy, passion, memories and love. For me, it’s a simple choice. With all the music in the world, I choose to only listen to the extraoridinary ones. Ones that inspire and lift me up and get me out of a funk. I love that I’m always introduced to new music in unlikely places, and relish the opportunity to learn and be comforted from new music every day.

But I’m cautious… There will always be bad music lurking around every corner hoping to rent space in my brain.

I know you’ll agree with me.


Now go back to the start of this post, and replace the word “music” for “people” and reread.

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  • Lady Sensory

    Last line: absolutely spot on.

    • mayernik

      So glad you like the post, and will always take props from you.

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