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I went to a gas station today, but I didn’t need gas.

I was thirsty, but I didn’t want water.

I wanted a Mt. Dew.

I stopped at a small gas station this afternoon and parked my car and walked in. While I was there I saw a woman also park her car next to mine and she too came in. She was wearing workout clothes. Tank top, yoga pants, sunglasses on the head. This is only relevant because I figured she was either coming from or going to a workout. She asked for cigarettes from the guy behind the counter and I thought to myself, “Really? Cigarettes? Aren’t you trying to be healthy? Why do you smoke, that so bad for you… and really, you stopped at a gas station just to buy cigarettes? Just how addicted are you?”

And then I looked down at the Mt. Dew in my hand.

Nice job Joe…. Nice job.

#ouch #sigh #suchadb

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