I Get It, I’m Tall

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Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher?

Tall people are good for something right? Just ask Princess Buttercup.

I get it. I’m tall. I sometimes block people’s view. I get in the way. I’m not good at basketball. My reward for my height is hitting my head on basement i-beams and fetching the occasional pitcher. (And by pitcher I mean spider that hides in the upper corner of the room.)

Today Joey had a band concert and I specifically did not sit in the aisle (which I love) because there was an older man seated right behind. I did not want to block his view. I am very cognizant of my view blocking potential and I try to be courteous when I can. So I sat in the cramped second seat. Little did I know the older guy was saving seats and then when asked to slide down chimed in with a crotchety, “No I’m not sitting behind that guy! He’s too tall. Gonna have to sit in the next seat over so I can see.”

Nice buddy. I get it, I’m tall.

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