I Just Can’t Quit You

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The classic line from the movie “Brokeback Mountain” “I just can’t quit you”, is something I can relate to right about now. Not in the direct association with the movie but I relate to the sentiment of the line. I’m having a hard time letting things go. Remember the dryer? The old house? For me it’s also hard to quit stuff I start. This applies to projects and commitments. All renting space in the brain. It’s my own fault. I enjoy being involved, solving design problems, and helping those who need it, however lately it’s at the expense of a normal life. And for a control freak like me it’s hard to flip that switch. There are some commitments or relationships I truly enjoy and I guess the trick is too hold on to the ones that fill a need in the soul and delete the ones that don’t. As I get older I am gaining a better perspective of realizing which is which. Still, overall I find it difficult to quit things. I wish I knew how … well let me restate this. I know how. I just need the courage to just say no. The courage to say goodbye to commitments. The courage to move on.

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  • Rachel J

    Are you trying to tell Mike that you “just can’t quit him”? 🙂

    • Julie

      LOL That is too funny 🙂

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