14 Things I Love and Hate

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Valentine’s Day is about a cliche as it gets. In the spirit of those in love or in heartbreak, I figured I’d share 14 things that I love, and 14 things I hate.

I love tater tots … maybe more than a good thin crust pizza.

I hate onions. Even the ones called sweet.

I love improvisation, lamp, and the rest of that movie too.

I hate the music of Rod Stewart.

I love the smell of freshly printed 4-color brochures.

I hate walking into a bathroom with poor ventilation.

I love how certain people seem to reinvent themselves with ease.

I hate seeing good people give up.

I love how sincere Joey conducts himself.

I hate watching people put on Chapstick.

I love Rebekah’s innocence.

I hate the hearing the words slacks, moist and penetration.

I love holding hands.

I hate movies featuring live-action pets that speak.

I love how Aaron can dramatically effect the energy in a room for the better.

I hate that not everyone likes cauliflower.

I love that I have a tight circle of friends who know me better than me.

I hate the days when I don’t laugh.

I love the sound of wood pencils in a sharpener.

I hate watching a pencil die.

I love and admire how resilient Julie can be.

I hate birds. They peck, they poop, and they have beaks.

I love music and need it like water.

I hate walnuts in brownies.

I love getting paint on my hands, so much that it’s like a topical cocaine.

I hate smoking.

I love Max. Even if he is … a little shit.

I hate lists.

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  • Lisa

    Love this post. Hate the fact that I didn’t think of something so clever to include in my blog!

    • mayernik

      I am glad you like it. Feel free to steal the idea Lisa for your blog. I won’t tell.

    • mayernik

      Oh my Lisa. I just re-read your comment and realized it too was in the style of Love/Hate. Brilliant. (better late than never?)

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