LEGO my Grumpo.

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Lego1Over the past few months peaceful moments have been hard to come by.

I’ve been grumpy.

Laughter is at a premium.

So I was looking forward to the palette cleansing day at Aaron’s LEGO robotics competition on Saturday. I was looking forward to spending the day with him, clearing my mind and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. This was the first LEGO competition for both of us.

It became very clear quite quickly that I was going to be spending a lot of time on the bleachers while Aaron and his friends did their matches and presentations. I would sit and watch and then when his team would be up to practice I would get close to the tables, but most of my time was spent on the bleachers.

(I should note here that as the days draw near to my 40th birthday I am very aware that I am getting old. #Mayernik40)

While I sat on the bleachers I was treated with children running laps, up, down and back again weaving in between the seated people like they were pylons on a test track course.  These kids were unattended and the running and constant climbing up, jumping off and stomping on the bleachers was driving me crazy. I have three kids of my own, but I never would have let them run rampant like that. And yes I’m acting like #grumpyoldman.

There was constant music throughout the competition which was cool. At one point I overheard 2 kids commenting on the dj selection of Van Morrison’s, Brown Eyed Girl. The boy said, “How come they are playing all old music? This song is a country song and it’s old, they need to play some new songs, not these bad country songs.”


I contemplated correcting the boy. I contemplated telling him that Van Morrison was NOT county music, and while an older song, it was in fact a classic song that he should know and appreciate. But then I figured he would just look at me with a “don’t talk to me grumpy old man” scowl, and I continued to read my book. (Yes this #grumpyoldman brought a book.)

Lego2Aaron and his friends really were having fun. The first practice run of the LEGO robot was flawless, and the competition as a whole went very well. It was nice to see Aaron doing something that he loves, and being part of a team. Then after the competition and before the awards portion something wonderful happened.

The dj that was playing “old” music played Cotton Eyed Joe and the kids all went nuts. Three former judges started to line dance in the middle of the gym and were like pied pipers drawing the kids off the bleachers in droves. (I think it’s important to point out that the song Cotton Eyed Joe is a country song that pre-dates the American Civil War and this particular version was made famous in the mid 90’s. Take that Van Morrision hater kid. I see you on gym floor dancing.) #grumpyoldman

The next song was What Does the Fox Say?, then Gangum Style, then kids set up a conga line during Avicii’s, Wake Me Up. and then kids were windmilling and doing the worm during Michael Jackson. Yes the worm. I was laughing. Hysterically. It was the biggest juxtaposition I’d seen in a long time. 10 minutes before these kids were knee deep in science, robots, and the time clock. They were separated into teams, hardly talked and during the matches it was all business. Now they are dancing and letting loose. They are mixed dancing arm and arm. Jovial. And doing the worm. Don’t believe me? Check out my latest Vines on social media. The proof is all there.

Lego3After the dust settled Aaron’s team won two awards. First place on the presentation, and second place for their Robot performance. These awards earn them a spot in the next round at the University of Rochester and I am very happy for him, his coaches and teammates.

The day, the dancing, the worm and the awards sure did put a smile on the face of this #grumpyoldman.

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