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photo 4-1I ran the Flower City Half Marathon this morning. My official chip time was 2:13:35. It was pefect weather and a great first step into running a half marathon.

This is something I never thought I’d do. Ever. Not in a million lifetimes. Let me restate that:

Not in a million lifetimes.

But it happened and I can say I was dead wrong on how much fun it could be. During these 13.1 miles I spent a lot of time with my friends and family. They didn’t know, but they were with me for the 13.1 miles. My pal, Mike who pushed me to register and was by my side the whole way. Julie, Courtney, Charlie, or other runners like Lisa, Daniel, Adell, Dom, Kim, Matt, Jennifer, Glen, and Kevin came in and out of my stream of thought when songs I relate to them came through the speaks. For a short time we ran side by side. I imagined the conversations we’d have if we were running together, or the moments in life that we shared. It helped the miles go by. In some cases we had serious life discussions, others we joked. But in all, it was only in my head, and not real. A harsh reality inside the world I live in, and just how alone at times I feel.

13.1 miles of soul searching.

13.1 miles of trying to remember who I am.

13.1 miles of clarity.

13.1 miles of realizing I have done some stupid shit lately.

13.1 miles of realizing I have done some incredible things lately.

13.1 miles of wishing I could un-hear words spoken by friends and family.

13.1 miles of connecting the dots of life.

13.1 miles of coming to terms with knowing I will forever miss people I will never see everyday.

13.1 miles of fresh air.

13.1 miles of seeing what a beautiful city Rochester is.

13.1 of trying to reconcile my heart.

13.1 miles of penance manifested in blisters and sore feet.

13.1 miles of letting go when it all seems so impossible. Kinda like running the half marathon in the first place.

After all that. When’s the next one?

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  • Lisa

    I love this post. Many congratulations to you for taking on a half marathon. It’s not for the faint of heart!

    • mayernik

      Thanks Lisa, it was definitely a mental challenge.

  • Cregan

    So proud of you. You marathon playlist must be epic.

    • mayernik

      Thanks Sue. It’s my “Souls and Pedals” Mix on Spotify.

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