Wait, Did You Say a Rat?

 In My Sweets

I am not in the door two steps from arriving home from work when Rebekah hits me with her news. “Hey Dad, at school we have these two rats that had 11 babies, and well… the teachers are allowing some of us to adopt two rats to take home as pets, so I filled out the an application at school, so can I get the rats if my application is accepted?” Now, I can safely say that without hesitation I said, “Absolutely not” in the next two steps into the house.” A Rat? Really? I don’t like the chipmunk who thinks he has free reign in the garage. A rat in the house? Wait, two rats in the house?

Um… NO.

Rebekah was crushed at my quick response. She ran upstairs sobbing into her bedroom and shut the door. Now realizing that maybe I answered her too quickly. I went upstairs for some much needed damage control.

I know her heart is in the right place. Unfortunately she is allergic to dogs, cats, and horses. She can’t pet them, be near them and it breaks her heart. Mine too. What little girl does not yearn for the affection of one of these animals? (In case you have not guessed it, we do not have any pets.) She is also allergic to dairy… so no milk, ice cream, heavy cream, and her cheese intake is low. As for the rats, she articulated to me very well that since she was allergic to all the other animals that maybe, just maybe, she would not be allergic to rats. Rather hopeful outlook, and I admired the thought process… but rats in the house? Willingly? Um… NO.

We talked for awhile and she cried some more, I’d like to think that she understands my position, but I guess I’ll find out in the morning.

Switching gears here, I secretly hope she is allergic to rats. It will make dating go a lot easier on my daughter.

And me.

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