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Here are some photos of the final sets for the Webster Theatre Guild’s 2010 production of West Side Story. I was the set designer and artistic painter for the show. Lots of hours went into the final product but I am very happy with the results.  Many thanks to Mike Johnston and the cast and crew of WSS. Their help made it possible to complete these set pieces.    There was a nice review by Eric Rezsnyak. in City Newpaper.  You can read it here. Also, Rush Henrietta High School just used the back wall portion of the set in their production of WSS.

First up is the back wall. This was a NYC city street with two main buildings as the focal point. The stage right side was the Puerto Rico side and the stage left was the American side. Joined together by the neutral alleyway complete with strings of “white flag” laundry.

The Dress Shop was part of a two sided set piece that consisted of 2 rolling 4’x8′ platforms. One side was the Dress Shop, the other, Doc’s Drugstore.

This side was Doc’s Drugstore.

Photo credit for the below photo of Doc’s: Stacie Schroeder

This the Cellar of Doc’s

The Rumble under the stage lights. 40′ long by 12′ high.

Maria’s Bedroom.  24′ long x 8′ high.

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