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Annie. The classic story of a little girl who grows up during the depression in an orphanage hoping one day that her parents will return to save her from the mean ol’ Miss Hannigan. But in life, it seems what you want to happen is rarely was does happen. Luckily, Annie gets acquainted with Mr. Warbux, a billionaire in need of some grounding. And the rest of course is history. I was fortunate to have designed the set and did all the artistic painting for East Ridge High School’s 2010 production of Annie. Below are a few photos from the set:

This is the Mansion.  It’s 40′ long and 12′ high.  There are five entry points, one from each wing and three staircases.  The two side staircases were existing and the large staircase in the middle was built by Paul and his crew.

I am particularly fond of the main staircase and the painted faux marble

Amber, one of the co-directors, had this neat idea to have moveable storefronts in the scene NYC.  The effect was very cool. (719 is the date of my son Aaron’s birthday.)

The 40′ city skyline is created by the negative space of the silhouettes. I painted the nighttime sky. The silhouettes do the rest.  (115, and 118 are the dates of my son Joey and daughter Rebekah birthday’s.)

The orphanage consisted of three existing flats that were repainted to look like old and dingy windows.

Hannigan has an office… it’s small, but it does have a kick ass bookshelf.

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