Am I Going Blind?

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Focused. That’s what I’m going with.

Now before you form your own opinion as to the content of this post after reading the title, let me back up… I think this post needs a little back story. The location of the new house is in a section of the city that has me take the back roads to work rather than the expressway. I like it. The drive is peaceful. Passing farms with grazing goats and rolling acres of corn, and I get lost in thought while enjoying a lifestyle reminiscent of a simpler time. It’s a solid half hour drive. I rarely see traffic, and the trek is easy to navigate. The only downside is the wretched horse/goat/farm smell if I get stuck at a certain light. Okay back to the post.

Focused. That’s what I’m going with. I missed my turn while going to work this week. Which really is not that big of a deal. It turned my half our drive into 45. I did have to drive through Fairport. Endure the railroad tracks and the lift bridge over the canal. All of this could have been avoided if I had not missed my turn. Like I said, it’s really not a big deal except for one thing. It’s how I missed my turn which has me so concerned. I don’t remember anything at all of the drive up to Fairport. All of a sudden it was BOOM, I am there. Saying “Shit! When did I miss my turn.” Seriously do not remember the drive up to that point at all. It was like I was driving blind for 6 miles. Now my eyes were not closed. I was just on auto pilot for a bit while i thought of “my things to do for the day” i guess.

So, what does this mean? I am a super hero with a robotic brain that allows me to function at a higher level without the use of my eyes? Or I have too much going on, and I should not get lost in thought while driving since it most likely leads to a car accident. (Yes, the second option is a bit more plausible.)

Or maybe I am just focused. Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

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