The Trees

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Outside of the StormFrog offices there are trees that line the very long driveway connecting Main Street Fishers and the parking lot. These trees over the last three months have been trimmed by one man who looks to be in his 60’s. He trims one tree per day. I never really figured out the pattern of when he is there, but I suspect it’s dependent on the weather. I’ve got to say it has been enlightening to watch him work. He slowly works around each tree, trimming the low branches. Using his ladder to get the ones out of his reach. He would methodically break them the branches and places them in the bed of his truck. This has been a clinic in patience. He stops at one tree. He doesn’t over do it. Doesn’t take on more than his truck can hold. After three months he has a few more trees to trim, and the ones he has trimmed look fantastic.

Even though I’ve never spoken to him, I get the message he is telling me loud and clear.

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