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BT_2013AddyAdNew endeavors come with great risk.

My friends, many of you know already, but on Jan 18th I left my job as the Creative Director of the digital company StormFrog to form my own advertising agency with my good friend Courtney Smith. We call ourselves Brandtatorship. We’re a boutique agency that’s focused to help companies take charge of their brand. When you have a moment, follow us on Twitter: @brandtatorship and like us on Facebook and join our social conversation.

The outpouring of support from the Ad Community has been overwhelming, comforting, and humbling. The agency really doesn’t take shape without the expertise of Mr. Fishingpoet who’s one of the best writers in the city of Rochester. But ultimately our agency survives on what we do from this point forward, not on what we did in the past. We are up for the challenge. New endeavors may come with great risk, but great risk promotes trepidation. Sleepless nights, and lots of stress. But it’s all good, because it’s ours. Just a few weeks in, and I love it.

These are exciting times, as Matt says: “Step into traffic. Live deliberately. Forge ideas.”

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