One Last Hurrah for 2012

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Katelin_NewYearFirst, Happy New Year.

Second, I’m not big on resolutions. My take is 365 days of trying to be a better person is way better than one day of promising to be one. Eat right, exercise more… blah blah, and back to old habits by February. Instead, I think about more of what I learned in the previous year and then how that pushes me forward. Not saying that I am successful just that I think about it all the time.

Yeah, I’m a mental work in progress.

On New Year’s Eve Eve, I was asked this simple, yet complex question by my good friend Katelin: What was the one single greatest moment, decision, event, experience, or memory you had in 2012?

Mine response was easy.

In 2012 I learned that I no longer have to take people’s shit. No matter the family, friend or colleague. That I now know I’m stronger than I gave myself credit. And I realized that all along I had the courage and conviction to step into traffic and forge my own path. Consequences be dammed.

Now… your turn. What’s yours?

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  • JenniferG

    “I no longer have to take people’s shit.” I’m still learning that. Even today I patiently sat there as someone came at me with a fervor that they would never dare another. I defended myself for a bit then just figured F@%$ it and stopped engaging. I’m learning this whole “strength” thing. Can I borrow some of yours for a bit?

  • mayernik

    If I could lend you some I would!

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