14 Things I Love and Hate v2.0

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This years Valentine’s Day Love/Hate list version 2.0… enjoy.
(Version 1.0 can be found here.)

I love green olives. Especially when drowning in a martini glass.

I hate hearing loose change in people’s pockets as they walk.

I love to run. Despite the hills that hate me.

I hate seeing people ride bikes without wearing helmets.

I love hearing stories told by other people, unless of course they’re stories.

I hate that there are haters in this world.

I love the word B U L L S H I T.

I hate the word “whatever”.

I love ice cream and cheese, even though they hate me, so now i don’t eat them.

I hate that I love to drink Mountain Dew.

I love music I can …and repeat, like Sara Bareilles.

I hate irrational behavior and try to avoid it like the plague.

I love sitting on my front porch during a severe thunderstorm.

I hate that Julie and the kids eat sardines right from the tin.

I love that my children find it a requirement to scoop kernels of corn with potato chips at the dinner table. Thus making their own corn chip.

I hate the feeling of throwing up, so I don’t.

I love to sneeze, so i do. Loudly.

I hate wearing glasses.

I love that a pencil behind my ear is a passport to creativity.

I hate eating at restaurants that specialize in the buffet.

I love baseball. Pitchers and Catchers already reported to Spring Training. Here comes the warmth.

I hate drinking pop straight from a aluminum can.

I love the burden of my sketchbook.

I hate stumps.

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