Renting Space

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We rent stuff.

Physical stuff like apartments, stereos, sports cars from Hertz, and wood chippers. These things come and go over a weekend, a month or even a couple years. But what about the emotional stuff? Work deadlines, past projects, finances, family obligations, outside activities, and let’s not forget personal demons.
These thoughts rent space in the brain. Some unwelcomed. Some uncontrolled. Most self-induced. I certainly have fallen victim for letting memories or situations rent space in my brain for far longer than they should. In fact, some I like, and never want to leave. I like to call them my top ten of memories. Some memories are so positive they have burned a permanent place in the mushy part of my brain. The trick is to finally say to yourself there is “no vacancy” at the Cerebral Motel 6 for the ones that have over stayed their welcome. If you figure this out please let me know.

For a brand in need of marketing this can be tough challenge. The rented space in a company is not just the square footage of office cubicles and Xerox copiers. It’s situations like trying to sift through the red tape of corporate culture or navigating interoffice politics while trying to get to the core of real change. It hurts productivity. It lingers. It bogs down, mired in process with little action.

I am done having stuff rent space in my brain. When I figure this out, I will let you know. Unwelcomed renters be warned, your papers have been served. Can you say the same about your brand?

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