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On Sunday, the visiting Missionary Fr. Joe spoke of sacrifice in his homily, and quoted the Gospel of John: “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” I always thought of this passage in term of dying for those you love, and have felt this was one passage the average person could never relate to, or live up to. What I mean is, how many people are placed in situations (outside of the military, law enforcement, and fire fighters) where they actually are forced to make a choice to lay down there life for others? But Sunday left me with an entirely new perspective. Fr. Joe spoke about volunteering your time, helping those less fortunate, sharing your talents, spending time with family and friends, and caring for those in need as all additional representations of laying down your life. And in turn, this is the ultimate gift you can give. Now, that’s something I can relate to.

Through Fr. Joe’s broken English and witty humor (I am pretty sure he dropped the F-Bomb… seriously not kidding) I found his message to be particularly timely. I related to his homily on Sunday morning, because so many have been eager to help us with the new renovations of our home. We have been very fortunate that so many have volunteered their time and talents. We couldn’t have brought the renovations as far as they have without their help.

I’m glad I paid attention to the homily on Sunday. I have to admit, I can become easily distracted during the homilies being in the choir. I don’t listen to as many as I should. Sacrifice. Sharing your talents with family and friends. Laying down your life. It is the ultimate gift. I’m glad I listened today.

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