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Last year I dedicated a lot of time in creating some brand illustrations for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) to use in their marketing communications. They have been one of my clients for several years now and they could not be a more appreciative organization to work for. These illustrations incorporated a color palate inspired by Maxfield Parrish, the accomplished American painter. One of his most famous works “The Lute Players” hangs in the Kodak Hall, at the Eastman Theatre in downtown Rochester New York. The original has since been moved to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. The Lute Players currently resides inside the Memorial Art Gallery, and a Kodak reproduction now hangs where the original once was. This campaign consists of the illustrations, posters, note cards, and the Bravo program covers. Many thanks to the four writers that helped craft the copy for this campaign… Matt Smythe, Matt Conn, Greg Shainman, and Angelo Juliano. The work was recognized at the 2010 RAF Addy Awards and thanks to AdHub.com can be seen online here.

Click the link here, and become a fan of the RPO on Facebook. Go see a performance or two this year.  The economy is on it’s way back, they are a cultural gem, and their performances are beyond measure.

Now, on to the work:

The Trombone.

The Trumpet.

The Bows.

The French Horn.

The Timpani.

The Clarinet.

The Piano.

The Upright Bass.

I’m planning to print, frame and sell these illustrations at some point,  so if your interested let me know and I will certainly expedite that process.

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  • Ellen

    Beautiful illustrations! Did you ever end up producing them for sale?

  • JWoodall

    I love these. I’m also wondering if I can purchase a print of The Clarinet.

    • mayernik

      I am glad you like it. You certainly can. I have them in various sizes. First question is would you like the illustration clean or with the copy line and the RPO logo included? I have them both ways.

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