Elementary Pain

 In My Little Buddy

Aaron: Day 365, 7-18-03

The reality of a move has started to set in with the kids. No more apparent than with Aaron, our youngest. And while Joey was going to the high school next year, Rebekah, the middle school, it’s only Aaron, a soon to be fourth grader, who is the only one that has to leave his friends behind in one school to start fresh in another. Today is the last day he will attend Dewitt Road Elementary School.

I know Aaron can handle it. At open houses, school chorus concerts, art fairs, or fill in the school activities here, we are told by other parents that Aaron is their child’s best friend. The conversation usually goes something like this. “Oh your Aaron’s Dad! Yes Conner talks about him all the time, they are like best friends. You have such a good kid.” Input 16 other names and there you have it. Aaron, our social butterfly, who is a nice balance of smart, witty, self deprecating, caring, sensitive and charismatic. I understand the gravitational pull towards him.

I know he will be just fine acclimating to his new surroundings. He however is not so convinced. The reality of his separation from his friends (and his first crush) hit the breaking point last week and he showed us his vulnerable side. I feel for him. I never had to change schools. Some of my closest friends to this day are ones I have taken to adulthood from kindergarten. We tried to soften the blow by looking ahead with the classic parental tactic of diversion. We told Aaron that when he transitions to middle school that he would then be reunited with his friends from his former elementary. Both eventually feed the same middle school, so as a result, he would really know twice as many kids as everyone else. Our social butterfly would be primed to achieve rock star status. Right now he’s not buying the logic. He is focused on the now, like any normal 8 year old does, and my heart breaks for him.

Hang in there Little Buddy.

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