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SweetsA couple months ago Julie and I took our kids to NYC for the first time. Just a day trip. We took a Megabus from Baltimore, Maryland in the morning and left NYC that same night a 11pm. We did a lot of walking throughout Manhattan, and really pushed the limits of our three children. Thankfully Joanne, Julie’s younger sister was there with us to help wrangle to troops amidst the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. This trip was the litmus test to a bigger more substantial one to NYC in the near future. Our first stop after getting off the bus was lunch. We took a b-line to the nearest New York Style pizza joint and exposed the kids to a true slice of pizza. I have to say it was fun watching Joey, Rebekah and Aaron try to pick up the large thin crust beauties expecting to eat them like a normal slice of a Little Ceasers Hot-n-Now large pizza. After some coaxing I finally got them to realize the folding technique, and while I am confident they didn’t really understand it at first, I know they were a fan after requesting another trip to the counter and ordering some more slices. Mission accomplished.

We also went into the new Harry Potter exhibition., M&M’s World, Lego, and The American Girl Place stores to pass the time, but nothing was better than walking in hand and hand with Rebekah into the multi-level Toys”R”Us in Times Square. Complete with a 60′ ferris wheel, and more toys than anyone could ever see in one 30 minute visit. Rebekah was very quick to say. “Wow Dad, this is the best day of my life… like ever!”

“Well, Rebekah,” I responded, “I am glad I just got to share it with you.”

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  • Debbie Lawrence

    Sounds like your trip was great. Looking forward to hitting the streets of NYC in August with our kids for the first time. Enjoy your summer.

    • mayernik

      Thanks Debbie, enjoy your trip. NYC is such a wonderful place.

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