The Fortune Teller

 In My Little Buddy

At 9 years old my son A.J. has a great concept of the art of sarcasm and humor, and employs them whenever possible. Tonight at the dinner table over hot turkey sandwiches and sweet potatoes he once again proved why I call him “My witty and entergetic little fireball.”

Aaron made one of the fortune tellers out of paper and was going one by one telling us our fortune. I remember making these when I was his age and walking the halls of Wiley Elementary School back in Michigan. My fortunes were written something along the lines of… “you will be the best baseball player”, “you like the first girl you see next”, or “you are great”. Sometimes they had the names of girls inside like “Joanna”, “Lisa”, “Jenny” and “Cheryl” Around the playground we’d and tease about who the other liked based solely on the fortune read at the end of the, pick a number, pick a number, and reveal your fortune sequence.

There are eight possible outcomes one can arrive at in this fortune teller.
These are Aaron’s eight fortunes.

1. You will live in a box.

2. You will get attacked by rats in 5 days.

3. You get a lifetime supply of pumpkin pie.

4. Safe!

5. For Christmas you will get a pony.

6. You will live in the trash.

7. You will be a pepper taster when you grow up.

8. You will need a cane when you are 20.

Julie got number 2. He proceeded to let us know “to watch out, because in 5 days the rats are coming. Even if we forget… they will come, and then it’s, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! RATS!!!”

Crap, didn’t I already say no rats in the house?

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