Two Ways to Relieve Stress.

 In My Sweets

I have been having pain in my upper back for weeks now. Just inside the left shoulder blade. The knot is quite big and it sends pain to my elbow. Now I am not a doctor, or a chiropractor but I do know where the pain comes from.

It comes from stress.

Today a concerned Rebekah came up to be when she saw me wince and asked me a simple question.
“Why does your back hurt?”, I responded with “Well Rebekah, I have been under a lot of stress lately, have not been sleeping well, and as a result my muscles in my back are tense. They squeeze nerve endings and it’s painful. It’ll go away soon. Not to worry, or maybe I just need a good back rub!”

She the responded with “I know two ways to get rid of your stress.”
Captivated by her confidence I eagerly awaited her sound advice.
“1. Go see a chiropractor.”
“2. Stop having stress.”

I love the simplicity, but Sweets if it were only that easy.

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  • RM

    Dear Mr. Mayernik – today I looked in my small phone book and looked at the card you guys sent out in 2011 – the one of the new house – lovely note inside and beautiful drawing of the new digs on the front cover – I was only putting in another address but decided to show my Para your card(located in the back of my telephone directory) which in turn led her to look on the back and see your personal website which in turn let me to look it up as I thought maybe it was one that had your work on it. I was telling her about your family – your work, yada, yada………..but……… led me to read your posting on Joey and then Rebekah…………geez………….now I’m wiping my eyes as I read – out loud to my Para – it did remind me of the posting you write on your Dad one time (that I think was linked on FB). The point of all of this? There is none – just to say you have a beautiful heart young man – one you wear on your sleeve – so grand in the scheme of things……………so nice to see you share……………I teared when reading about Joe, Jr………..couldn’t get through it………….I like that – when someone can make other’s cry and feel the love expressed…………….I’m just sayin’………………………..

    • mayernik

      Rose, thank you for the kind words. That was the perfect 100th comment for my blog. Just wonderful! I am glad you like reading it as much as I like writing it. Always more to come! Hope to see you soon.

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