Compliment more. Criticize less.

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These four words I am taking as a mantra from now on.

I secretly tried over the past year to implement this wisdom in my daily life, but now it’s time to jump in the deep end. I have randomly complimented both friends at parties and strangers at the Mall. Given props when it would otherwise be uncomfortable to do so, and even acknowledged the beauty of both men and women I have just met even despite the possibility of getting my ass kicked for it. This thinking stemmed from my daughter and the need to lift her up on a daily basis with positive reinforcement. It seemed a natural transition to extend it to everyday life, and it’s a decision I’m glad to have made. Life is too short not to point out all the good things in the world. That’s clear to me now. Some would say that I am just speaking my mind. Yeah maybe, but I do know that even just a couple years ago that phrase would’ve had an entirely different meaning.

I’m an art director by trade. Trained to observe the world and point out it’s flaws. To fix. To try to make the world a better place through art and design. Giving my opinion is part of my job. Ironically, it’s by being an art director for so long I have come to appreciate the wonderful things this world has to offer. I’ve realized there’s a lot more good in the world that I thought. In fact it’s always been there, I just couldn’t see it through the veil of my critical eye. Being a Dad also helps too.

Try it with me: Compliment more. Criticize less.

I’ll start. You… my friend, are beautiful.

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  • andybarwick

    You pass on what you embody. By embodying the presence of inner beauty, you recognize it and share it more readily. And not just beauty that is easily seen by the passer by. It is beauty that is pure and not raunchy. It is beauty that is full of life and not empty. By allowing yourself to be beautiful and pure inside, it now overflows outside and allows others to be and do so as well. A wonderful gift to mankind. A wonderful man to have that gift.

    • mayernik

      Well said my friend. I am trying to get there. Hope you are feeling better.

  • jennasdad

    Wag more. Bark less.

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