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For a while now I have been playing this game with my 3 children. In the morning before they go to school I have them kiss me on the left cheek. Then I turn my head, and they kiss me on the right cheek. I turn my head a third time and before they can kiss again on the left again, I quickly turn my head and I plant a kiss right on their lips. It’s fun. It makes them giggle, and I enjoy it. Now, kids are kids, and anything that can, will be turned into a game. The game here is to never get kissed on the lips.

Joey at 12 is now at an age where he wants play, but rarely does. And his signature “turn the head to the side move as he slowly approaches for the kiss” is a tough defense to crack. Rebekah and Aaron are still very much willing contestants, and this morning was no exception. Part of my morning ritual entails sitting on the couch and watching each of my children get on the bus. I plop myself on the love seat, and wait until one by one they go off the school. Aaron, the youngest, leaves last, and has started to sit with me until the very last moment. I certainly do not mind.

I started the game with him and got him the first time. He was off guard and I got him good. Yes, he laughed. Yes, he said “Darn it” (he knew he’d been had), and he quickly wanted to start again.

After a couple of rounds the game ended with Aaron kissing me on the left and then on the right cheek for about 30 straight times. He did not realize I had given up trying to kiss him on the lips and just enjoying the moment of being a Dad, and having a son who is so willing to show affection.

Aaron belted out a final “I win!” when he realized I was not going to turn my head anymore.
Which is funny, because I was thinking the same thing.

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