Not-So-Silly Bands

 In My Sweets

For years now I have been wearing silly bands on my left wrist. I wear them because my daughter Rebekah gave them to me. I can tell it makes her glow inside to know that I do. Every so often she’ll turn to me and say “Daddy, are you still wearing your silly bands? Do you need new ones? Want to trade?” Now the ironic thing is she no longer wears them, but I do. At first, I wore them because she asked. Now I wear them to serve as a daily reminder that my daughter Rebekah needs my constant protection, love and support.

Each time I look at these simple silly bands I am reminded that life for her is difficult. That each day is a struggle. She misreads social cues. She’s trusting … sometimes too trusting, and suffers from anxiety. Rebekah is allergic to seemingly everything, and does not understand sarcasm. A tough road for a little girl who’s in her first year of middle school. As a result, she has become an easy target for bullies at school. I know, kids are kids, and some of her classmates, or friends on the bus may not intend to hurt her feelings, but I certainly remember being 12. Kids jockey for social position during these years. It has to be hard for Rebekah to know that she doesn’t quite relate to her peers, but not understand why. As a Father my heart breaks for her and I am fully aware that I am overly-protective. Rebekah may be wired different and she may struggle, but that does not mean she is not smart. On the contrary, she is very smart, and just sees the world differently. Rebekah’s a good person with a huge heart and beautiful smile. Really get to know her past the playground, and you’ll see.

She is my daughter. My only daughter.

And I will forever support her. Silly bands and all.

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