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Independence Day. Our one day a year where police turn the blind eye to drunken homeowners shooting off dangerous illegal fireworks. In fact, my half way point in my evening run took me to the parking lot of the local elementary school. A police car was positioned in the bus loop, and right across the street, they were shooting off a fireworks display. The officer seemed unphased, and had no intentions of making the easy bust. I chuckled at the timing of it all, and kept on running… eventually the officer passed me on the road… on to his next speed trap stakeout i bet.

It got me thinking though. Independence Day for America is July 4th, but personal independence is bigger than just one day. It can be any date and can come in all different shapes and sizes. Some may look at independence as starting a new job or filing for a well earned retirement. Living long enough to get the new drivers license, or finally becoming financially responsible to get that new car. Blessing a new marriage or getting rid of your current one. Paying off a student loan, or maybe even taking one out to return to school and finally finish that degree. Independence is something that liberates you from your current situation, rut or baggage. And we all have one. Maybe even a few. For me, Independence Day was June 27th. The day I signed the closing papers for our new house. Independent from renting. Independent from having to restrict our renovations plans or paint colors. Independence from putting a hole in the wall to hang a picture, or expand a room. What’s yours?

Our forefathers threw tea in a harbor, signed a declaration on July 4th, and then gave England the finger. And while I am not flipping anyone the bird any time soon, I would like to enjoy the sweet sound of one as I sit on my new patio. In my house. Yep. My house. (but I can’t hear the birds with all the damn fireworks going off. Can someone please call the cops?)

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  • 2eat2drink

    Happy Independence (& day), Joe. Congrats on the new house!

    • mayernik

      Thanks Rich, I hope yours was good too!

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