The Rainbow 5k

 In My Sweets

I went running today with my daughter Rebekah. Started my training for my first ever 5k that I will run this summer. I signed up a couple months ago and am looking forward to it. I will run the Boilermaker in Utica, NY with two good friends Dom and Mike. Rebekah has run with me before, but today she struggled to keep up. She complained of cramps, shortness of breath, got scared to the Canadian geese and blamed her inability to keep up on the fact that my legs are longer. At times she complained so much that I started to get frustrated, because I know she can do it.

In the distance I saw a rainbow in the sky and I pointed it out to her. I told her “See Sweets, God is showing you a rainbow because he knows you can do it. He’s telling you to be calm and focus, and that you’ll be just fine.”

She didn’t buy it. She very clearly stated that a rainbow came from “water in the sky that is split by sunlight, and since it just rained, that is why there was a rainbow in the sky.”

So much for that.

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