A 5k Down Memory Lane

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We are in Michigan this weekend and I wanted to run at least a 5k distance while we were here. I need to train for the Syracuse half marathon in October which I am running with my friend Mike and it’s coming up fast. I thought it would be a good opportunity to run on the streets where I grew up. My former walk to the bus stop or my old paper route.

Here’s my stream of thought, I’ll apologize now… It’s filled full of inside information that maybe only interests me.

(yes the lack of punctuation is intentional)

I wonder if the Genova’s are home doggy death row is no longer there thankfully no more barking dogs let to roam free and weak havoc is billy okay the Bodary house looks the same I remember when their youngest was born he probably has kids of his own now this intersection of Remer and Speedway is where Aunt JoAnn got into a car accident we visited her at the hospital Nita Ct is Gina still living there where is Bill Altz now he has the inside track on fireworks as kids that house over they got raided for drugs I wonder if the new owners even know whispering woods park has a nice baseball field but it could use some infield grass this path through the park is nice and serene I hope I don’t get mosquito bites when the path goes in the forest I did not realize the park had two sand volleyball courts my friend Lisa would like that I wonder if she won her game or found her cat Chumlee I wonder if Kristie found a job or if she is still freelancing I need to start freelancing more 21 mile rd is always busy how many people on the road are going to work to home the store to the post office to Kroger or to the unemployment line should I run to Chuck’s parents house nah too far this is a long upward climb to Van Dyke Rd I miss you Mrs. Graber thank you for teaching me compassion and perseverance when i was an eight grader at Eppler I hope the SUV doesn’t hit me as i cross the street the War-Del motel are the rumors really true can you pay by the hour many a days were wasted at this taco bell taco’s used to be 59 cents when did Murray’s auto parts go away dammit I never told Brett I was coming in to MI I really like this song by Amos Lee no more Frank’s too sorry to see that company go wow the mexican food smells great and I can still remember the hush puppies from Long John Silvers too bad that is gone too at least Arby’s is still there and is the one beacon at the top of the street and where I should turn right what is Melanie up to today probably working it’s hot this morning there used to be a shoe on the telephone wire by Harry St when did they finally take that down they never did rebuild that house that burnt down used to deliver papers to that house that one the small one and that one too i should have collected the money better maybe I’d be more responsible now will the dirt road effect the run nope just fine watch for pot holes at three miles time to sprint the knee feels good the lungs feel good the legs are tired back at the Genova’s house 5k is done time to walk the rest of the way home

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  • Jennifer Gerlock

    I admit. I chuckled.You just make me laugh. I think in the same way. ESPECIALLY when I run. (And when I run with friends, it is 1,000x worse. But on the up side, we solve the world’s problems in a mere 8 miles.)

    • mayernik

      Jen, glad to know someone on the planet is as messed up mentally as me. 🙂

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